Almex USA Inc. is a leading supplier of commercial and aerospace aluminum billet and slab casting technology and equipment.  We provide “Furnace to Finish™” solutions through our innovative line of products, which include degassing systems, direct chill (DC) casting machines, billet and ingot casting systems, automated process control software, and inspecting and analyzing instruments. Although we are predominantly known to be a technology-driven company, Almex’s main focus is customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to bringing wholesome casthouse solutions in wallet-friendly ways, and we do so without compromising safety, quality, or performance. That is our guarantee.

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Our superior billet casting system is simpler, cleaner, more versatile, and more economical to own and operate than any other casting system in the world.Learn More
The latest generation of Almex slab tooling defines the industry standard for casting performance, operational ease, safety, and maintenance ease in the marketplace today.Learn More
LARS® uses a patented in-situ process gas preheating technique that guarantees over 75% degassing efficiency and over 99% inclusion removal efficiency.Learn More

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Almex strives to be the most innovative player in the aerospace aluminum industry. Our innovations stem from our commitment to attempt the unthinkable, and achieve the impossible for our customers – because no challenge is too big for Almex. In doing so, we are able to provide our customers with first-class, fully tailored casthouse technology and equipment, while also contributing to the advancement of our dynamic aluminum industry.
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