Almex USA is a leading supplier of billet and slab casting equipment and technology for the aluminum industry.

We provide our customers with “furnace to finish solutions” through our innovative line of products, which include: World Record-breaking billet and slab casting systems, DC casting machines, degassing + purification systems, automated process control software, and testing + inspecting instruments.

At Almex, customer satisfaction comes first. We are fully dedicated to bringing wholesome casthouse solutions in wallet-friendly ways to each of our customers, and we do so without compromising safety, quality, or performance.


Featured Products

Our superior billet casting system is simpler, cleaner, more versatile, and more economical to own and operate than any other casting system in the world.Learn More
The latest generation of Almex slab tooling defines the industry standard for casting performance, operational ease, safety, and maintenance ease in the marketplace today.Learn More
LARS® uses a patented in-situ process gas preheating technique that guarantees over 75% degassing efficiency and over 99% inclusion removal efficiency.Learn More

Our Guarantee

Generally, when you purchase capital equipment, you expect to receive a standard workmanship warranty. With Almex equipment, however, you receive much more than that. We provide a unique performance guarantee that is tied to metallurgical standards and the satisfaction of, not only you, but your customers, too — that’s our guarantee and commitment.
We believe nothing is more important than a holistic approach to safety, which is why Almex designs are made with the utmost attention to safety. Our management philosophy and designs are strongly influenced by the most advanced and carefully planned safety considerations in our industry.
We invest heavily in independent research, particularly when it’s carried out in conjunction with our customers. In doing so, we have been able to contribute high-performance technology and equipment to the once-stagnant molten metal degassing and DC casting fields.
The nature of an aluminum casthouse environment is demanding and dangerous, which is why we design our technology and equipment with “ease of operation” in mind. We strive to keep our solutions as user-friendly as possible, of course, without compromising safety or performance.


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